What are Negative Scanners?

Negative scanners have the ability of turning your old photo film into digital images using the latest digital and computer technology.

Many people who are familiar with film based cameras will have plenty of negatives stored somewhere along with their original photos, previously the only use for them was to produce duplicate photos and with the introduction of digital camera technology they have been long forgotten by many.  This may also be a great alternative to upgrading your SLR to a digital version if you are happy with your current model and are not yet ready to take the next step into the digital SLR maket.

However your old photo’s and negatives need not be left and forgotten and you can now bring your memories and pictures back to life with the help of a negative scanner.

Many work by plugging the equipment into your computer via a USB port where you are then able to scan you negative slides and film onto the computer much in the same way as you would scan any other document.  Once this is done you can then edit photos and apply a range of features to enchance your tired old looking photos and bring them into the 21st century alongside your digital images.

Many of the scanners available will come bundled with editing software and although this may sound technical and difficult it is not as many will have auto enchancing and retouching tools which will clean up the images.

Precious memories that were once held on thin and flimsy pieces of plastic negative film can now be brought back to life without the need of a professional negative scanning service such as the ones offered by photo processing companies.

For those handy with Photoshop the results you can achieve are amazing.

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