About Us

NegativeScanners.co.uk is a website that allows you to compare prices and read reviews and gather further information on the subject of negative scanners.

Negative scanners in recent years have become more advanced as technology has progressed, this has also had an impact on price meaning for less £100 you can get your hands on a perfectly good negative 35mm negative scanner.

Negative scanners are perfect for bringing back your old photo’s to life.  Most people have old negatives lying around from the days of film based camera’s and now that everything has gone digital it is now possible to use a usb negative scanner to transfer your old negatives into the digital age and store them on your computer for printing or future reference.

Hopefully by using the information contained on this site we will be able to point you in the right direction and help you make an informed decesision on the right slide, photo or film scanner for you.