Agfa DuoScan 100

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The Agfa DuoScan 100 can scan 35mm negatives, framed slides or even 110mm negatives in seconds. It is supplied with film holders for each type, allowing you to simply slot them in to start turning your pictures into digital images quickly and easily with the touch of one button. The scanner provides you great quality images due to its 5MP CMOS sensor which features a 24-bit colour depth and a resolution of up to 1800DPI (or 3600DPI interpolated).

The Agfa DuoScan 100 is powered by a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, allowing it to work totally independently of any electricity supply or computer. All the digital images are stored directly to an SD/SDHC memory card in JPEG format, you can then simply put the memory card into your PC or connect the device through its USB 2.0 cable. This means you can take the scanner with you up into your attic to go through your negatives, or to a friend or family members to help you recover those images that would otherwise sit untouched and bring them home and into the digital world.

The DuoScan 100 features a fold-out 2.4″ TFT LCD display to allow you instant picture control, you can also connect the device to an external TV (PAL) or a PC monitor if you so desire. Exposure control and colour balance are both fully automatic, and the pictures can be rotated if you want them to be, or displayed as a negative. The scanner comes bundled with ArcSoft PhotoImpression software, allowing you to edit the pictures to obtain the best results possible.