Plustek 7600i SE Optic Film Scanner

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The Plustek 7600i SE Optic Film Scanner provides you with superb high quality digital images from your old 35mm slides and negatives. The scanner features a high resolution of 3600DPI, great for ensuring crisp clear copies of your images are created, allowing them to be enlarged, shared and reproduced without fear.

The OpticFilm 7600i SE ensures accurate and vibrant colour images due to its 48-bit scans, while the Multiple Sampling function makes 4 scan passes, which are averaged together to help eliminate any image noise. The scanner also features iSRD (Ifrared Smart Removal of Defect), this uses an infrared channel to detect flaws, and when used in conjunction with the bundled software, this allows defects such as dust or scratches to be automatically eliminated.

The Plustek OpticFilm 7600i SE includes LaserSoft SilverFast SE software, this allows you to have access to functions for multi-exposure scanning, auto adjust, NegaFix, Selective Colour Correction, iSRD control plus many other functions to help ensure that the image you scan is reproduced to the highest quality, giving you peace of mind that your cherished memories are being recaptured to enhance their clarity and beauty.

Plustek OpticFilm 7400 35mm Film Scanner

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This OpticFilm 7400 Scanner by Plustek is a high resolution scanner that provides you with great quality scans, while maintaining a low energy usage due to its environmental-friendly design. The scanner is a dedicated 7200 dpi film scanner, perfect for scanning 35mm slides and negatives, that features the ability to use SilverFast’s intelligent automatic functions which helps to make your scanning easier and more efficient, great for those who want high quality images but might not be very confident with technology.

This Plustek scanner is capable of multi-sampling, eliminating noises efficiently, and the unique light source provides images that are vivid with precise colour rendering due to its colour depth of 48 bits. Moreover, the OpticFilm 7400 has AACO (Auto Adaptive Contrast Optimization), which provides you with high quality images, with the details of photos optimized with multi-exposure.

The Plustek 7400 OpticFilm Scanner provides you with beautiful, clear and crisp digital copies of your negatives and slides. Compatible with a wide range of computers the scanner helps you to save your treasured memories quickly without losing any of the colours or details.