Reflecta x5-Scan – Film/Slide Scanner

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The Reflecta x5-Scan – Film/Slide Scanner is a stand alone scanner that can convert your 35mm negatives and slides into digital images quickly and efficiently. The scanner uses a CMOS sensor with a 30-bit colour depth to provide you with 1800x 1800DPI resolution.

The Reflecta x5-Scan has a 2.4 inch LCD display to allow you to view the pictures straight away, you can also connect it to a TV, or to a monitor if you wish. The scanner features an integrated storage capacity of 32MB, but does have an SD/SDHC card slot to allow you to expand this memory. You can take this small scanner with you, to maybe a friends or relatives, to scan the negatives or slides. All you need is access to mains electricity.

This scanner does not produce the high quality images of higher end scanners, but this is reflected in its price. Many in this age of clear digital photography may find its scanned results a little disappointing. It does come bundled with ArcSoft PhotoImpression software to help you make the most of your digital images.