VuPoint Digital Film And Slide Scanner

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This Digital Film and Slide Scanner by VuPoint can help you modernize your old 35mm film and slides into modern digital image files. The device allows for the precise positioning of slides or negatives to help provide you with excellent results. The scanner uses a 5MP CMOS sensor with 10 bits per colour channel to provide you with great quality images.

This VuPoint Scanner works straight onto your PC through a USB 2.0 port (is 1.1 compatible) and is able to provide you with up to 1829 DPI scanning. It uses an LED back light which helps to ensure it captures crisp copies of your negatives while not draining substantial amounts of electricity. The scanner comes complete with USB cable and software to allow you the ability to edit, crop and resize your images however you wish. It also comes with Twain drives for Photoshop use.

This VuPoint scanner is great for those with a lot of 35mm negatives and slides at home, maybe someone of the older generation who wants something that will quickly and easily transform these cherished memories into a digital format. Though it might not come with all the extras that some more expensive scanners come with it does provide you with the means to save these images in a cost effective way.