Zennox Slide Scanner

Zennox 35mm Negative USB Slide Scanner

The Zennox negative slide scanner will help inject new life into your old cherished film and slide negatives by transforming them into digital prints quickly and easily.  The Zennox is a simple compact negative scanner perfect for desktop use much like the Veho usb negative scanner.

zennox slide scannerPriced around the £80 mark it also shares a similar price tag to the aforementioned Veho.  Ideal for use with 35mm negatives and slide collections, the plug and play operation gives simplicity allowing you to simply connect your PC / Laptop using the supplied USB cable.  It’s then a simple case of using the supplied software or opting for some negative scanning software with more control.  Although we are yet to try the Zennox from other reviews online the scanner is capable of clear and sharp high resolution images and the pre bundled software features automatic exposure control, fixed focus and colour balance.  An ideal starter slide scanner and perfect for those looking to experiment with negative scanning without the adding cost of some of the more expensive units. Featuring a 2.0 USB connection, the film scanner is compatible with PCs using Windows XP or Vista. Measures 16.5 x 9 x 9cm.

The Zennox Slide Scanner is available from Clifford James below.

Note about Windows 7 Support – there appear to be many reports that the Zennox Slide Scanner does not support Windows 7. Since Zennox do not have an official driver download page, we recommend you use a better supported scanner on Windows 7, such as a Veho negative scanner.

If you’re having trouble with your negative scanner, please check out the Troubleshooting Negative Scanners page.