Ion Film 2 SD Negative Scanner

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Film 2 SD Negative Scanner

What makes the Ion Film 2 SD Negative Scanner stand out from the rest in it’s price range is it’s ability to work on it’s own without the need for a computer.  Using the built in colour digital screen you have the ability to view your slides once they are scanned and can then store them on the bundled 1GB SD Card.ion film 2 sd

Priced around the £120 mark the Ion scanner is worth a look for those wanting a basic but perfectly adequate film and slide scanner.  With neat little touches such as the ability to flip, mirror and rotate the images the Ion is worth considering for the additional £20-£30 over the likes of the Veho previously reviewed. 

The great thing about the SD card included is that you can then use the digital images it produces to display on your computer or through a digital photo frame, with the 1GB of storage the memory is good for at least 500-600 images at 5 megapixels.  There is also the ability to upgrade upto 8GB of storage at a later date should you require.

ion film scanner lcd screen

You can of course use the scanner with your computer as a way of processing negatives should you need to.


  • Transfer 35mm negatives and slides to an SD card
  • Preview your image on the colour LCD screen
  • High-resolution, five-megapixel scanner
  • Fast, one-touch scanning takes just one to two seconds
  • Optional USB connection for Mac and PC
  • Portable design with ultra-small footprint
  • Auto-exposure and colour balance
  • Mirror, flip, and rotate controls
  • Scans colour and black & white slides and film negatives
  • Works with all SD and micro SD cards, SDHC cards up to 8GB
  • Includes 1GB SD card
  • The Ion Film 2 SD Scanner is available from Firebox – click here


    13 Comments on "Ion Film 2 SD Negative Scanner"

    1. Andy Kelly on Fri, 3rd Apr 2009 4:23 am 

      Power supply plug failed after only two weeks and moderate use, i.e. less than 6 times plugged in and less than 4 hours power.

    2. admin on Sat, 4th Apr 2009 8:32 am 

      Have you contacted the supplier for a replacement or to resolve the issue Andy?

      There will be a guarantee with the product.

    3. Epson Perfection 4490 Photo and Film Scanner | Negative Scanners on Thu, 30th Apr 2009 9:57 pm 

      […] 4490 fits perfectly into the price range against purpose built scanner such as the Ion and as previously mentioned it is still able to scan other document or photos with ease and at […]

    4. Thomas on Thu, 4th Jun 2009 9:40 pm 

      They’re a really nice bit of kit. Very simple to use & well worth every penny!

      It’s a nice way to get copies of older photos for future generations

    5. Simon on Fri, 6th Nov 2009 3:29 pm 

      I’m thinking of getting thi but worried about the plug but also how fast it takes to scan the neg/slide and save it onto the computer or memory card at full res (5MP)?

      If someone who has one of these knows this that’d be great if you could reply and let me know!


    6. Kelly Thomas on Tue, 12th Jan 2010 7:00 pm 

      is there a 10mm holder available for ion film 2 sd?

    7. admin on Thu, 14th Jan 2010 7:04 pm 


      I don’t beleive there is a 10mm holder following a check of various sources. As the Ion Film 2 SD is a purpose built negative scanner it is more limited than a standard photo / negative scanner.

    8. Chris on Sat, 1st Jan 2011 3:37 pm 

      I have a ION pics 2 SD. I want to convert 110 film. Which of the VEHO scanner trays is it compatible with?

    9. admin on Mon, 3rd Jan 2011 7:49 pm 


      We are unable to confirm if the VEHO scanner trays will work with the ION.

    10. Alberto Bugarin on Sun, 23rd Jan 2011 6:25 pm 

      Comprei o Scanners ION Slides 2 PC uso o Windows 7 e não consegui por para funcionar, diz falta de driver, botei para 64 bit.
      Tentei achar os driver na internete mas não encontro.
      Alguem sabe me orientar?

    11. Alberto Bugarin on Wed, 26th Jan 2011 2:49 pm 

      Consegui por os drivers, mas que decepção esse ION Slider 2 PC tem muitos defeitos 1 entra luz na lateral prejudicando a copia, o tamanho do guia de filmes é menor que os filmes de 35 mm fica faltando de um lado ou do outro.
      Pior é ter pago por algo que não serve.
      Alberto Bugarin

    12. Dick on Sun, 20th Mar 2011 11:57 pm 

      As I place my slides in the scanner I only see a negative looking picture,what is happening

    13. admin on Mon, 21st Mar 2011 6:24 am 


      Have you selected the film type from the options available?

      See the user manual for more information:

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