Programs to convert 35mm negatives into positives via a scanner?

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If you are looking for a program that will convert 35mm negatives into photographs via digital images when scanning them into your computer then the following suggestions may help: 

First of all you will need a scanner which has a backlight otherwise it will be very difficult to capture the negatives as an image.  Standard Microsoft Photo Editor has the ability to change negatives into colour and with a little tweaking you should be able to produce digital images.

HP have some great advice which may help you along the way.

Secondly the two pieces of recommended software to use are: Vuescan and Silverfast.  Each have their own advantages and disadvantages and you will probably find you will get on better with one than the other.  Give them both a try and see which one suites you best.

If on the other hand you have a purpose built negative scanner it should come with it’s own software capable of converting the images into the correct format.


9 Comments on "Programs to convert 35mm negatives into positives via a scanner?"

  1. Zennox Slide Scanner | Negative Scanners on Mon, 2nd Feb 2009 8:43 pm 

    […] USB cable.  It’s then a simple case of using the supplied software or opting for some negative scanning software with more control.  Although we are yet to try the Zannox from other reviews online the scanner […]

  2. Pembrokeshire on Sun, 22nd Mar 2009 9:08 pm 

    Thanks for that review was looking into buying a Zennox negative & slide scanner

  3. Scanjet 4010 Scanner | Negative Scanners on Mon, 3rd Aug 2009 10:32 pm 

    […] PC is far from easy and as we have suggested in the past the best option would be to opt for some negative scanning software with more […]

  4. Martin Brown on Fri, 5th Mar 2010 8:14 am 

    I have just bought a s/h zennox Film Scanner and find that although it is supposed to work with Vista the seller has added his comments manually. I cannot get it to function. I wonder if anyone has a printed manual especially for Vista or can you say where one is available.

  5. admin on Fri, 5th Mar 2010 4:20 pm 

    Hi Martin

    I do not know of a Vista manual for the Zennox nad have looked through various sources on the internet without any luck.

    Do you get any particular error message?

  6. John Colakidis on Wed, 8th Sep 2010 2:43 am 

    I Have some 90mm x 60mm b/w negative to convert to digital is there a scanner or a stand alone software that will produce a satisfactory result
    Thank John

  7. admin on Wed, 8th Sep 2010 7:27 pm 

    Hi John

    I would suggest getting a flatbed style scanner if you do not already have one which can accommodate a 120/220 (60×90) holder (available separately).

  8. John on Mon, 11th Jul 2011 9:24 pm 

    I have a Zennox negative and slide scanner, I have had to get a new pc and no longer have the drivers to load on the new pc, does anyone know how I can down load the drivers and I have come to a dead end on every site I have come across.

  9. admin on Mon, 11th Jul 2011 9:48 pm 

    Hi John,

    If you are unable to locate the drivers online, you may have more luck calling the customer service number located towards the end of the manual:


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