Praktica DS-66 Film and Slide Scanner for 35mm and 60 x 60mm

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The Praktica DS-66 Film and Slide Scanner is a stand alone scanner for your 35mm negatives and slides. The scanner makes use of a 5MP CMOS sensor to provide you with reproductions of your images at either 800DPI, or 1600DPI interpolated. It can additionally scan 60mm x 60mm slides and negatives.

The scanner has an inbuilt 2.4 inch TFT monitor to allow you to use the device wherever you need to scan negatives, though you will need access to mains power to operate it. The Praktica DS-66 can also be used connected to a PC through a USB1.1 cable. The scanner has 32MB internal memory, but this can be expanded through use of an SD card.

The Praktica DS-66 is a very basic stand alone negative scanner, both its internal memory and its resolution are quite low, this is however reflected in its price. The scanner does allow you to ensure your images are saved safely in digital format, its quality will be fine for some, but many may find it best to consider a high resolution scanner.


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Can scan:
35mm Negatives, Mounted Slides
Supported Operating Systems:
Windows XP, Windows Vista
Scanner Resolution:
800dpi(optical), 1600dpi(interpol)
Display Size:
2.4 inch TFT display
Power Source:
Mains Adaptor
Also Included:
holder for Negative (60x60, 36x24) and slides,
USB/TV cable,
Software CD,
5V adapter,
cleaning brush