TeckNet 5M/10M Slide and Negative Film Scanner

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Very much a no-frills negative film scanner, the TeckNet 5M/10M Slide and Negative Film Scanner is able to digitize 35mm slides and negatives directly onto an SD card. The scanner does come with 32MB of internal storage, but you’re likely to want to use your own SD card to capture more photos without transferring them to your PC.

The 2.4inch viewfinder is perfect for checking that you have a good scan and that the image is lined up correctly. The scanner features a 5MP CMOS sensor, which means you’re achieving a scanned resolution of up to 2592 x 1680 pixels.

There’s a distinct lack of information on this product, however, it does appear to work without the need for a PC. The scanner does not come with an internal battery, but it will work with an external 5V 500ma to 1A USB AC Charger.

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Can scan:
35mm Negatives, Mounted Slides
Supported Operating Systems:
Not Stated in Specifications
Scanner Resolution:
up to 3600DPI
up to 2592 x 1680 pixels
Display Size:
2.4 inch Digital Display
Power Source:
Mains Adaptor
Also Included:
No AC Power Adapter is included, but the scanner is compatible with 5V 500ma-1A USB AC Charger