Veho VFS-004 5MP 35mm Negative & Slide Scanner

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The Veho VFS-004 5MP Negative & Slide Scanner can help you bring those old memories you have stored in 35mm formats back to life. The scanner is simple to use and works fast due to its one touch scanning, it is stated as having an average scan speed of 2 seconds. This scanner is great for those with many a box of negatives stored somewhere, never looked at. While it may not have all the extras some of the more modern scanners have, it provides you with good quality images and helps breath new life into images that would maybe otherwise rarely been seen.

The Veho VFS-004 simply plugs into your pc (suitable for both XP and Vista) via a USB2.0 port to allow you to capture your old 35mm slides and negatives as 5MP digital images. These images can then printed, edited, stored or shared…whatever you wish. Due to the bundled Arcsoft Photo Impression software you can remove any unwanted red eye, or enhance your images to ensure they are bright, clear and crisp, helping to keep your cherished memories in perfect condition.

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Can scan:
35mm Negatives, Mounted Slides
Supported Operating Systems:
Windows XP, Windows Vista
Scanner Resolution:
Display Size:
Power Source:
Also Included:
slide tray
35mm Neg tray
CD Driver with application software
lens cleaning tool