Veho VFS-008 Smartfix Scan to SD Standalone Slide and Negative Scanner

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The Veho VFS-008 Smartfix Slide and Negative Scanner allows you to capture 35mm and 110mm negatives directly to the included 2GB SD memory card. The Veho VFS-008 negative scanner is unusual, as it’s a standalone scanner that captures the image without the need for a PC. Once your photos are captured onto the memory card, you can either connect the scanner to the PC, or take out the memory card and insert it into your PC’s memory card reader.

The standalone mode makes the scanner perfect if you want a mobile negative scanner solution, e.g. when you’re scanning in negatives when you’re at your friend’s house, or perhaps one of your family members. Since you just need the negative scanner and not a PC, it’s a very simple solution for digitising your slides and negatives.

When you need to recharge the scanner, just connect the scanner using the provided USB cable. Easy! The rechargeable battery is a long-life lithium ion type, although there are no details from the manufacturer on how long the battery will last.

Scanning is really easy, particularly for non-techies, as you just need to press one button to start scanning. Once your photo is scanned, you can view it on the included 2.4 inch preview LCD screen.

Since this scanner uses a memory card for storing photos, this is one of the few scanners that’s compatible with Windows 7 and with Mac OS X, which is ideal for people with the more modern PCs.

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Can scan:
35mm Negatives, 110mm Negatives, Mounted Slides
Supported Operating Systems:
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Mac OS X
Scanner Resolution:
up to 3600DPI
up to 2592 x 1680 pixels
Display Size:
2.4 inch Digital Display
Power Source:
USB, Rechargeable Battery
Also Included:
2GB SD Card
Arcsoft Mediaimpressions software