What is the best way to sort hundreds of old large format negatives?

January 1, 2009 by  
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Many purpose built negative scanners only take standard size 35mm film and slides, and anything larger such as 120mm or the larger old glass plates would not be suitable for using with such scanners.  There is however a solution.

Take a regular scanner (if you need to purchase one then consider viewing the options available from the negative scanner shop section of our site, then take the followin steps:

  • carefully place film side down in the scanner
  • place an incandescent lamp over negative without the scanner lid in place
  • cover negative, with thin paper or opaque plastic to protect the negative
  • scan to photoshop, and invert in photoshop to turn the negative into a picture
  • crop, adjust contrast and brightness as necessary

This should then have the same or very similar effect as using a negative film or slide scanner, and may even be an alternative to buying a purpose built scanner altogether providing you have the right equipment and necessary photoshop skills in the first place.

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