PlusTek OpticFilm 7200

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PlusTek OpticFilm 7200 Negatives Scanner

The PlusTex 7200 Negatives Scanner is a dedicated film scanner capable of creating images upto 7200dpi (hence the name) which given the price means you get a decent quality scanner which is capable of high quality images for a very reasonable price.
plustex 7200 scanner
Plustek OpticFilm 7200 combined with SilverFast SE makes it an ideal film scanner for most users including home users, photographers and small office / workshop users.  The software provided is easy to use and has some great features / tools to get the best out of your scans.

Manufacturers Specification:

    Type: Film scanner
    CCD image sensor
    Document Size: 36.8 x 25.4 mm
    35 mm slides
    Resolution: 7200 x 7200 dpi
    Connection USB 2.0
    Transparent: Negatives and slides
    Depth: 48 bit/pixel
    Speed: Previewing: 10s
    Scanning: 48s (with 3600 dpi)
    Computer Interface: USB 2.0Compatibility: Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, XP
    Pentium II or later
    128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended)
    160 MB HDD space (300 MB recommended)
    USB port
    CD driver
    Included Software: LaserSoft SilverFast SE 6
    NewSoft Presto! PageManager
    NewSoft Presto! ImageFolio
    NewSoft Presto! Mr. Photo
    Adobe Acrobat Reader
    Accessories: USB cable (1,5 m), power adapter, carrying bag, film holders
    Other Slide viewer located on top of the scanner

High optical resolution and a fast scan speed means that the Plustek easily outperforms other film scanners in the same price range.  Pre scans take around 25 seconds to complete with a good quality scan taking around 40 seconds, however should you wish to use the best settings available on this scanner the time will increase.  When used with something like Polaroids free dust and scratch remover plugin the results can be improved further.
The PlusTex OpticFilm 7200 is available from Pixmania priced at £129.00click here