Troubleshooting Negative Scanners

We frequently get asked for help trying to get negative and film scanners working. Unfortunately, it’s not practical to be experts on all types of negative scanners. So we’ve compiled a list of resources that should hopefully help you get your negative/film scanner working.

How to get your Negative Scanner working

Here are a range of ideas which you should follow when trying to get your negative scanner working. Please do try them all!

  • Completely remove all drivers for the scanner, and then re-Install the drivers from your installation discs
  • Download the latest drivers from the manufacturer (see websites below)
  • Check the trouble-shooting guide in the manual
  • Talk to your retailer (who sold you the scanner) for help (there may be a fee involved).
  • Try the scanner on a PC that runs Windows XP, as scanners seem to run very well on Windows XP compared to other versions.

If you’re still stuck, you should consider using a service like GeekSquad. They have experts in all fields of computer gadgets, so hopefully they can help if the above don’t work.

Scanners and Windows 7

Windows 7 appears to have massive issues in terms of driver support, so do check out what Microsoft have in terms of drivers. Articles such as Making older programs work on Windows 7 might be of use to you too.

Latest Drivers

We’ve found the websites for manufacturers in an attempt to make it easier for you to download the latest drivers. We’ll keep this table updated.

ManufacturerDriver Download Support
CanonCanon Download Centre
EpsonEpson Drivers
HPHP Download Page
IonIon Download Page
NikonNikon Download Page
PlustekPlustek Driver Downloads
VehoVeho Driver Downloads
ZennoxNo official download page