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Zennox 35mm Negative USB Slide Scanner

The Zennox negative slide scanner will help inject new life into your old cherished film and slide negatives by transforming them into digital prints quickly and easily.  The Zennox is a simple compact negative scanner perfect for desktop use much like the Veho usb negative scanner.

zennox slide scannerPriced around the £80 mark it also shares a similar price tag to the aforementioned Veho.  Ideal for use with 35mm negatives and slide collections, the plug and play operation gives simplicity allowing you to simply connect your PC / Laptop using the supplied USB cable.  It’s then a simple case of using the supplied software or opting for some negative scanning software with more control.  Although we are yet to try the Zennox from other reviews online the scanner is capable of clear and sharp high resolution images and the pre bundled software features automatic exposure control, fixed focus and colour balance.  An ideal starter slide scanner and perfect for those looking to experiment with negative scanning without the adding cost of some of the more expensive units. Featuring a 2.0 USB connection, the film scanner is compatible with PCs using Windows XP or Vista. Measures 16.5 x 9 x 9cm.

The Zennox Slide Scanner is available from Clifford James below.

Note about Windows 7 Support – there appear to be many reports that the Zennox Slide Scanner does not support Windows 7. Since Zennox do not have an official driver download page, we recommend you use a better supported scanner on Windows 7, such as a Veho negative scanner.

If you’re having trouble with your negative scanner, please check out the Troubleshooting Negative Scanners page.


44 Comments on "Zennox Slide Scanner"

  1. David Mason on Mon, 20th Apr 2009 7:28 pm 

    Whether I go for a Xennox or Veho is impossible to decide based upon description.
    From comments seen elsewhere, neither can cope with 35 mm slides mounted in the Agfa plastic frames – unless of course you know otherwise.
    This is a major factor for me. Can you give me a definitive comment please on this. If necessary, please advise which film/slide scanners DO accept these.
    Thank you and I await your reply.

  2. admin on Mon, 20th Apr 2009 8:40 pm 


    I cannot comment in respect of agfa plastic frames, the below review indicates that the Veho can manage them:

    Veho review

    Another option may be to use something more like this Epson as it may give you more flexibility due to the top opening lid.

  3. David Mason on Tue, 21st Apr 2009 8:08 pm 

    Thank you for that info. Very helpful.
    I already have a satisfactory flatbed scanner with my PC although no facility to adapt for ‘negative’ use.
    The Veho is very probably my choice for use in conjunction with my laptop which operates on Vista which the Epson apparently won’t like, as opposed to the XP operation on PC.

  4. Wlliam Hunt on Thu, 14th May 2009 8:26 am 

    I am looking to purchase a scanner that is capable of scanning my 35mm slides mounted in both cardboard and plastic mounts. Also for scanning half frame slides mounted in cardboard.My epson flatbed copes with both but takes an age to scan two at a time, also, I get varying quality results. sometimes it scans part of the mount as well as the negatve within. with literally several thousands of slides to scan I’m looking for a faster but efficient scanner that will give quality uniform results. Mixed comments confuse my decision as to which scanner to purchase in particular the zennox as advertised, which at first I thought would be suitable. Can you please advise & pass on your recommendations. Thankyou.

  5. Gav on Mon, 31st Aug 2009 4:51 pm 

    I recently purchased a Zennox slide scanner with which I hoped to put some of my slide collection on a DVD. I have loaded the software , and on following the instructions, I get so far and then a message comes up that Windows has encountered a problem and has to shut down.

  6. admin on Tue, 1st Sep 2009 6:31 pm 


    I would suggest trying to contact Zennox direct to resolve the problem as it may be due to a number of factors including your hardware and windows setup.

    Failing that try some of the alternative pieces of free negative scanner software available.

  7. John Wright on Tue, 29th Dec 2009 9:30 am 

    Bought one for a xmas present via Daily Telegraph offer – big disappointment. Windows error message that it cannot install this hardware. “The class installer denied the request to install this device.” There is no helpline open.

    Don’t get one of these.

  8. admin on Tue, 29th Dec 2009 7:11 pm 

    John if it is the scanner itself try the following:

    Try loading up a couple of the Windows bundled drivers for imaging devices to initialize the imaging class installer. Then attempt to install your scanner.

    1) Open the Windows Control Panel.
    2) Open “Scanners and Cameras”.
    If you are on Windows XP your Control Panel may be in the browsing view, you will find “Scanners and Cameras” under the section “Printers and Other Hardware”.
    3) Double-Click on “Add Device”.
    4) Click “Next” on the Welcome to Scanners and Camera Setup Wizard.
    5) Under “Manufacturer” on the left side, scroll down, find and select “Zennox”.
    6) Under “Model” on the right side, scroll down, find the model then click on “Next”.
    7) Click on “Next” on the configuration instructions. Click on “Next” to accept the default name of the device.
    9) Click on “Finish” to finish loading the driver.
    10) From “Scanners and Cameras” double-click on “Add Device” again
    11) Leave the default selection then click on “Next”.
    12) Under “Available Ports” select “Automatic Port Detection”
    then click on “Next”.
    13 Leave the name of the device default and just click on “Next”.
    14) Now Click on “Finish” to finish loading the driver.
    15) Windows will now load the driver files for this imaging device.
    16) Double-Click on “Add Device” from within Scanners and Cameras again.
    17) Click on “Next” in the Welcome screen.
    18) Windows will now load the driver files for this imaging device.
    19) Reboot the computer then begin the installation from the CD that you received with your device.

    If this resolved your problem and you’ve verified that it works. You can go to “Scanners and Cameras” and right-click and delete the additional devices that it may have attempted to install previously.

    Failing that please reply with what version of windows you are using and any additional information that may help resolve the problem.

  9. david q on Wed, 10th Feb 2010 2:52 pm 

    Hi, ok lets get down to some real details – look under the zennox and it says made in china.
    look on ebay and you see the exact same scanner but its called SVP.
    try and scan negatives and you get glare on the left hand side and dark edge on the right.
    its not mine so if I were to buy one i’d check it was british made first.
    is this review helpful to sales or buyers?

  10. admin on Wed, 10th Feb 2010 6:15 pm 

    Yes you are correct in saying the Zennox is also available under the name SVP they are the same scanner with different branding. It is also called a Luminex. For the money the results from the Zennox i.e. colour reproduction is adequate for preserving the picture as the unit is based on a CMOS image sensor.

    If you are looking for quality results then I would consider looking at the more upmarket scanners such as Canon or Plustek and go with a brand that you both recognise and trust like with anything that you buy.

  11. Brian on Thu, 18th Feb 2010 5:43 pm 

    Just got my Zennox SN-06. Within two hours the slide control that puts the frames in place wore out. Now I have to juggle the frames manually to get them into place. Good electronic technology poor plastic equioment. Shame really because it does a good job on my very old 35mm black and whites.

  12. JIM on Fri, 12th Mar 2010 4:23 pm 

    I have a ZENNOX D2997 Filmscanner,worked all right on windows XP,but I have upgraded to Windows 7 and now it doesn’t
    work at all,tried quite a few times to get it to but no luck,
    unfortunately I have lost the Driver. any ideas. jim

  13. admin on Fri, 12th Mar 2010 5:08 pm 


    There is no official site for the Zennox and as I do not have Windows 7 I cannot attempt to try and fix the problem for you.


  14. JIM on Fri, 12th Mar 2010 6:49 pm 

    Thank you very much for getting back to me,I will see if my son is still on XP. JIM

  15. John on Fri, 30th Jul 2010 7:55 pm 

    I am considering the purchase of a negative scanner, and want to know if any of them will process the old Kodak 126 film negatives, as used in the Kodak cameras of the 1960’s. The operating system of my PC is Windows XP. Thanks for any information. Regards John.

  16. admin on Sun, 1st Aug 2010 3:07 pm 


    I am not aware of a scanner capable of handling 126 film negative in particular. I would suggest looking at getting a flatbed style scanner capable of scanning negatives and making/adapting your own holder/carrier to mount the negs as slides and use a slide carrier in your scanner.

  17. James Boxall on Sat, 14th Aug 2010 6:59 am 

    I bought a Zennox Filmscanner (Model: FS- 500) 2 years ago and used it succesfully at that time to scan a number of coloured film negatives. I recently found another box of negatives in our loft, reloaded the Filmimager software disc and connected the scanner. PhotoImpression succesfully accessess all the various Photographs stored in the folders in my My Pictures Folder but when I try to use the Zennox to copy the new films a blue screen with white typeface comes up saying that Windows has shut down the computer “to prevent damage”. The following information is shown:-

    STOP 0xOOOOOO7E (OxC0000005, OxF87CE805, OxED9C8CB8, OxED9CE89B4)

    USBCAMD2.SYS – Address F87CE805 base at F87CE000, Date Stamp 48025d3


  18. admin on Sat, 14th Aug 2010 9:49 am 


    Sounds like you have an issue with the USBCAMD2.SYS driver file. I would siggest downloading the latest drivers for the scanner and also looking in device manager to see if any hardware has a yellow symbol next to it.

    More than likely a driver conflict somewhere.

  19. winston stoneman on Fri, 20th Aug 2010 8:01 am 

    I hope this helps James Boxall, we had the exact same fault and after many hours of trying everything including latest driver etc
    I open system property panel click on advanced tab and then performance and click settings, make sure let windows chose settings are applied and click ok, and then check out advanced tab in performance options and check programs are ticked.
    This cured my fault.

  20. Colin Evans on Fri, 25th Feb 2011 7:20 pm 

    I have a reel of 16m microfiche of pages of Parish Records which I would like to scan as digital images to store on my laptop and on CD. As 16m is approx half of 35m. would the Zennox 35m slide scanner do the job for me? I suppose I might have to make up a “carrier” to hold the narrower film in place. ?

  21. admin on Fri, 25th Feb 2011 9:39 pm 


    Microfiche isn’t an area we know well so we would be unable to comment on the ability of the Zennox to carry out the job you described.

  22. lyn wyness on Tue, 1st Mar 2011 10:31 pm 

    Zennox neg/slide scanner impression 6 bought today.
    After two attempts installed successfuly using Vista but when got to ‘select the OVT scanner’ it is not there to select.
    Did get windows error can’t remember at mo.. what it was… but Repair etc., made no difference.
    Can anyone help/ suggest or should one return it!

  23. Colin Evans on Thu, 3rd Mar 2011 11:19 pm 

    Thanks for your reply. I inadvertantly said “microfiche”, when I should have said “16mm microfilm” The reel of film contains a number of separate frames, each frame containing a photograph of a page of the Parish Records. As I do not have a microfilm reader, I was hoping to be able to convert each frame into a separate j.peg image.

  24. admin on Sat, 5th Mar 2011 7:56 pm 


    I would suggest consulting the user manual. A copy can be found here: http://www.negativescanners.co.uk/manuals/zennox-manual.pdf.

    The scanner should show in your device manager (do a search through the start menu to find or go through the control panel).

  25. admin on Sat, 5th Mar 2011 8:03 pm 


    The Zennox is quite specific in the film that it will take so I would suggest getting a flatbed scanner which is capable of handling microfilm.

    That way there would not be any need to create a carrier to hold the microfilm.

    Alternatively you could try your local library as some offer a microfilm copying service which may work out a better solution.

  26. Colin Evans on Sat, 5th Mar 2011 8:33 pm 

    Very Many thanks for your advice.


  27. lowri on Tue, 26th Apr 2011 3:00 pm 

    My parents have all their university, honeymoon and wedding photos on 35mm film in small plastic frames. It’s my dads 60th birthday and I’m looking for a scanner to give good quality digital images with a budget of about £150, £250 max.
    Could you advise on the best options.

  28. admin on Tue, 26th Apr 2011 6:57 pm 

    Hi Lowri

    A middle of the range negative scanner capable of 35mm film such as the Plustek 7500i (http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B000VVWPOC?ie=UTF8&tag=-12-01-21) would be within your budget. It has the advantage of being a scanner purpose built for negatives, although the included software does have it’s faults so consider alternative software such as Vuescan and Silverfast both of which have a lot more options to get the best out of the scanner.

    Other options include the Epson V330 (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Epson-Perfection-Photo-Scanner-4800dpi/dp/B0040ZP3ZI/?ie=UTF8&tag=-12-01-21) or V500 (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Epson-Perfection-Scanner-6400dpi-Density/dp/B000VYYSEE/?ie=UTF8&tag=-12-01-21) both being flatbed scanners which come complete with holders for film and slides.

    The latter having the benefit of being able to have an alternative use other than just processing slides and film.

  29. Jean on Mon, 22nd Aug 2011 4:37 pm 

    I’ve been frequently tempted by this Zennox negative scanner for my slide collection but looking at all the comments ,it doesn’t look as if it will cope with 126 film slide negatives and possibly Windows 7 as I’ve just got a new PC. Any thoughts anyone as I’d love to look again at all my slides.

  30. David O'Bryan on Thu, 22nd Sep 2011 1:18 pm 

    Hi, I have bought one of your Zennox Negative & Slide Scanners but when loading the software it cannot install the Driver. How can I down load a driver for the OVT Scanner?

  31. Dan Harrison on Thu, 22nd Sep 2011 1:43 pm 

    Hi David,

    We do not stock or sell scanners directly. So if you’re having trouble, I suggest chatting to the support team of the company that you purchased the scanner from. They should be able to help.

  32. Leanne Martin on Sat, 5th Nov 2011 2:37 am 

    Hi Dan,

    I wonder if you are able to help me, please, with an OteK FilmScanner FS-500-2.

    For the life of me I cannot get this recognised under 64bit windows7 in my Athlon II PC. I have had no luck searching for a driver and Windows 7 Auto-update has no luck either.

    Any assistance will very grateflly received.

    Cheers from down under.

  33. Dan Harrison on Mon, 7th Nov 2011 10:27 am 

    Hi Leanne

    Unfortunately, we don’t have access to lists of drivers to help. It seems to be a common issue with scanners not having any drivers with Windows 7. Without a website for Zennox, there appears to be no way to request them either. I’ve just done some searching, and not found anything. Really sorry that I could not help!


  34. Jackie on Wed, 23rd Nov 2011 6:02 pm 


    Just purchased a zennox scanner and was wondering if it can be used to scan the old 110 negatives as well as the 35mm?

    Hope you can help.

  35. Dan Harrison on Thu, 24th Nov 2011 8:57 am 

    Hi Jackie

    From what I can tell, no, it doesn’t support 110mm film.


  36. Peter Bailey on Sat, 31st Dec 2011 6:41 pm 

    I bought a Zennox Film Scanner Model D3136.

    On instaling, it gets to near the end and a message comes up:-

    ‘General failure in transfer. Bad info. Header info, bad value error’

    Further on seperate message:-

    USB Controler bandwidth exceeded. Dosen’t have enough bandwidth for OUT Scanner

    Clicking on yo help,

    ‘Controller does not have enough bandwidth available for OUT scanner which has requested 249% of the BUS Bandwidth’

    240%? is this even possible.

    Have tried everything inc. removing and re-downloading shutting computer down and re-starting.

    Nothing works.

    Any ideas?


  37. Dan Harrison on Sun, 1st Jan 2012 2:07 pm 

    Hi Peter

    Wow, sounds like a whole range of errors. Only ideas I have are to talk to the manufacturer, and see if you can get some different drivers.


  38. Lynne Blore on Fri, 13th Jan 2012 4:05 pm 

    I have a Zennox Negative and Slide scanner which i used with my windows XP I now have Windows 7 but unfortunately I have mislaid my instructions and any software that came with it. It is now sometime since I used
    it with Windows XP is there a chance I might get more instructions? I’m living in hope, Lynne

  39. Dan Harrison on Fri, 13th Jan 2012 6:02 pm 

    Hi Lynne

    Just found a manual, it’s here:

    No idea if it’s any good or not for you.


  40. philip on Sat, 14th Jan 2012 2:01 pm 

    hi we have zennox scanner that works fine on vista/ xp but does not work in windows 7 we have the cd and instrution manual is there anything we can download

  41. adam on Sat, 14th Jan 2012 7:38 pm 

    Can you help pls ?
    My parents have given this to me to sort out as they are techn ophobes but i’m struggling too – have installed all of the drivers and s/w as instructed.
    Rebooted then get to the stage of “Get photos – acquire from scanner” but instead of being able to slect anything it goes straight to the “make sure nothing is in the scanner” and then gives me an error message and closes down.
    very frustrating.
    Any ideas please ?

  42. Dan Harrison on Sat, 14th Jan 2012 7:41 pm 

    Hi Philip, Adam

    Generally speaking, scanners seem to have an issue with Windows 7 – driver support seems poor. From the vast number of comments on this post, it’s clear that these scanners do have their issues.

    Have you talked to the company you’ve purchased the scanner from? What do their support have to say?

    Although we write about scanners, we’re not experts on them, nor do we offer any support-based services. Sorry!


  43. nick lamkin on Fri, 15th Feb 2013 6:14 pm 

    I have a Zennox D2997 it works OK with Windows 7 but I have yet to find a driver for my Mac.

    is there such a thing.


  44. Dan Harrison on Fri, 19th Apr 2013 10:48 am 

    I doubt it, Mac Drivers are really rare for most hardware. If you find any, please let us know.


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